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"A powerful first book full of brave admission and personal insight. Angela's Savvy Seven personify traits that lie in the heart of every woman."

As children, we all dream of what our perfect lives will look like when we grow up. But what happens after we achieve our goals?

Arriving in the USA at age nineteen with $200. in her pocket, Angela O’Mara built a highly successful niche PR agency and, after spending 20 years rising to the top of the public relations world, she found herself at the helm of a sinking ship during the worst global economic recession in history. Should she stay with the company she had built from the ground up and weather the storm, or cut her losses and leave it all behind?

Poignant, wise and witty, Lipstick. Laptops. Life. tells the tale of Angela’s determination to bring her company and herself back to the top. On her journey, she calls on parts of herself that were lost along the way. Through this self-realization, she uncovers seven modern-day business archetypes that guide her down her new road to success: The Gold Miner, The Clairvoyant, The Realist, The Alchemist, The Dare Devil, The Wrangler, and finally, The Success Siren.

These seven savvy characters reside in the heart of every woman, and are each an integral part of our daily lives. They each touch upon aspects of ourselves we use every day, such as intuition, practicality, determination and, above all, hope. Lipstick. Laptops. Life. recounts Angela’s struggles and triumphs as she not only learns to listen to herself, but to trust these seven inner ladies to overcome her “life lag”, breathe new life info her business, and most importantly, sail straight of the fear and into the joy of living.

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The Gold Miner The Clairvoyant The Realist The Alchemist The Dare Devil The Wrangler The Success Siren
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